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It can happen to anyone. You’re driving a car (you might not even own it, it could be a company car or your parent’s car) and you don’t realise the rego is overdue. Not only is it illegal, the ramifications could be financially disastrous as your CTP Insurance (green slip) may no be longer valid if your car isn’t registered. This means if you’re involved in a crash, you could be held personally liable for compensation to anyone who was hurt.

Police now have automatic number plate recognition technology which makes it easy to detect when someone is driving an unregistered vehicle and with this technology rolling out quickly, more drivers are falling foul of the law. According to Revenue NSW, around 65,000 people in NSW were caught driving an unregistered vehicle in 2018 – 5,000 more than the year before. 

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) send registered vehicle owners a paper renewal notice by post six weeks prior to the expiry date. Yet, we often receive messages and letters from Members stating that they were not notified by post, email or SMS in regards to their registration expiring. 

The important point to remember is that the onus is on registered vehicle owners to ensure their contact details with the RMS are up to date. If you’ve moved recently, you are required to notify the RMS of any change of address within 14 days. This can be done online or by calling 13 22 13

Drivers can obtain a free vehicle registration check online which includes information such as the registration expiry date and whether the registration is suspended or cancelled. All you need is the vehicle’s plate number, the free rego check is especially handy for those who drive a vehicle that they do not own or a company car for example. As the driver of the vehicle you are still responsible to check the status of its registration. Don't take it for granted, make sure that the vehicle's registration is up to date.

You can also sign up for a free registration reminder and notification renewal service so that you receive an email two weeks before the registration is due. Please note that this service is only available for vehicles registered to an individual. It is not currently available for vehicles registered to an organisation.

For vehicles 5 years or older you’ll also need to pass a pink slip inspection before you can renew your vehicle’s registration. Our expert mechanics can perform this check at any of our 21 NRMA car servicing centres across NSW and then send the results to the RMS electronically, saving you the trip.

To recap:

  1. Roads and Maritime sends paper renewal notices six weeks before the rego is due so make sure your address is up to date. If you’re not sure, call 13 22 13.
  2. Look out for your registration renewal in the mail about six weeks before the due date.
  3. You can check the status of a registration any time for free on the Service NSW website.
  4. Opt in to get a two week reminder by creating a MyServiceNSW account.
  5. Vehicles 5 years or older will also require a pink slip inspection before you can renew its registration.

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