Annual Reports and AGM


2020 Annual General Meeting

The 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Members of National Roads and Motorists' Association Limited (the NRMA) will be held as follows:

Date: Friday 27 November 2020

Time: 11:00am (with online registration opening at 10:30am)

Official venue: Due to the extraordinary circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and for the continued safety of everyone in our community, this meeting will be held online. The online portal button and the website address are below.

2020 AGM Notice of Meeting

The 2020 AGM Notice of Meeting can be accessed by clicking on the following link: 2020 Notice of AGM

At this year's AGM there are no resolutions for Members to vote on.

For information on the strategic direction of the NRMA, FY20 performance, outlook and more refer to the 2020 Annual Report.

Join the AGM via the online portal

Members can attend the AGM and participate by asking questions via the online portal below.

For more information about how to attend via the online portal, including how to ask questions, please refer to the AGM Online Portal User Guide.

Members will be able to test their web browser from 10.30am on Friday, 27 November 2020 (the day of the AGM) to ensure that they can see and hear the proceedings.

To join the AGM, please click on the button below or alternatively use this website address:

Online portal

Appoint a Proxy

A Member who is entitled to attend and vote at the AGM has the right to appoint a proxy to attend and vote on their behalf. There are no resolutions for Members to vote on at this year’s AGM. However, a Member may wish to appoint a proxy to attend the AGM on their behalf. A proxy need not be a Member and may be an individual or a body corporate.

The appointment of a proxy must be received by the Returning Officer no later than 11.00am (Sydney time) on Wednesday, 25 November 2020.

To appoint a proxy, please click on the button below.

Appoint a proxy

Questions from Members in advance

Written questions from Members in advance of the AGM are welcomed and should be received by Friday, 13 November 2020. The Chair will seek to address as many of the more frequently raised question topics as possible during the AGM.

Members who would like to submit questions in advance of the AGM may do so by emailing

AGM Information Line

If Members have questions or experience problems accessing information related to the 2020 AGM, would like to appoint a proxy using a printed form or would like to provide a question in advance of the AGM via fax or mail please contact the NRMA AGM Information Line on 1800 285 677.

2020 Annual Report

The NRMA 2020 Annual Report is our fourth year of undertaking an integrated reporting approach. Through this approach we aim to communicate how the NRMA creates value for our Members, our business and our community. The Annual Report contains the Financial Report, the Directors’ Report and the Auditor’s Report for the financial year ended 30 June 2020, as well as the Sustainability Report, and will be available to view prior to the AGM.

Previous Annual Reports