Land Rover restoration project

NRMA Land Rover restoration project
NRMA Land Rover restoration project

Bringing a classic NRMA vehicle back to life

This 1958 Land Rover is a beautiful piece of NRMA heritage. It was donated to us in 2014 by Shane Loder, son of the owner, Mr Milton Loder, Patrol #21, who retired from the NRMA in November 1998.

Mr Milton volunteered the vehicle to Ron Barrett Motors, a franchise NRMA depot, in 1966 and the signage was placed on the vehicle in 1967 as part of the Penrith-based NRMA fleet. The Land Rover sits today in the condition it was last used.

While it retains its original blue paint and signwriting in faded but intact condition, the vehicle requires a full mechanical restoration, and the goal is for it to be fully operative and compliant with legal requirements.

As part of our commitment to the skill development of Australia's most trusted mechanics, we have entered into a partnership with Sydney TAFE to restore the Land Rover and simultaneously provide a unique learning and development experience for NRMA Car Servicing Apprentices.

The restoration activities are part of the apprentices’ course curriculum under the supervision of TAFE instructors. All NRMA apprentices will be involved in the restoration of the Land Rover during the estimated 12 - 15 month restoration period which started in early February 2018.

The restoration of the Land Rover will adhere strictly to the guidelines developed and deliver a restored and functioning vehicle to the NRMA heritage collection. Retaining and preserving the original exterior finish and interior is preferable from a conservation point of view and is in keeping with current trends in vehicle preservation.

NRMA Museum Curator David Crotty has put together Restoration Guidelines that will be followed throughout the entire process.

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