Reports and submissions

All of our submissions and reports are used in the NRMA's lobbying to governments on behalf of our Members.
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Reports and public policy submissions



Rate Your Road Reports

  • Cox Report (505kb/21 pages)
  • Harbour Report (607kb/22 pages)
  • Hoddle Report (632kb/20 pages)
  • Howe Report (581kb/20 pages)
  • Mann Report (629kb/24 pages)
  • Townsend Report (569kb/24 pages)
  • 2020

  • EVs Accelerating Adoption in Australia (1mb/20 pages)
  • It's Not Fine (924kb/16 pages)
  • ACT Election Platform (1015kb/17 pages)
  • NRMA 2020-21 NSW Budget Submission (1mb/20 pages)
  • NRMA 2020-21 Federal Budget Submission (1mb/17 pages)
  • 2019

  • Look up (12.7mb/11 pages)
  • Smarter parking (11.33mb/24 pages)
  • Federal election platform (7.25mb/10 pages)
  • NSW election platform (5mb/10 pages)
  • Funding local roads (8.51mb/43 pages)
  • 2018

  • NRMA Submission - ACT Review of Young Driver Licensing (4.79mb/7 pages)
  • Road Safety Series - Still Smashed? (9.6mb/17 pages)
  • Recharging the economy – accelerating electric vehicle adoption (793kb/ 20 pages)
  • Blue Highways (10mb/76 pages)
  • Upgrading road connectivity between the Illawarra and Greater Sydney (2.23mb/98 pages)
  • Recharging the economy – The economic impact of accelerating electric vehicle adoption
         (1.56mb/44 pages)
  • Come Home Safe (7.66mb/18 pages)
  • NRMA 2018-19 NSW Budget Submission (2.12mb/58 pages)
  • NRMA 2018-19 Federal Budget Submission (1.62mb/42 pages)
  • NRMA 2018-19 ACT Budget Submission (1.23mb/29 pages)

  • Are We There Yet Reports

  • Main report (7.1mb/29 pages)
  • New South Wales (1.6mb/16 pages)
  • Australian Capital Territory (779kb/14 pages)
  • Queensland (534kb/16 pages)
  • Northern Territory (702kb/16 pages)
  • South Australia (619kb/16 pages)
  • Tasmania (844kb/14 pages)
  • Victoria (1.2mb/12 pages)
  • Western Australia (753kb/14 pages)
  • 2017

  • Road safety series - Dead tired (7.65mb/12 pages)
  • Transforming mobility (7.92mb/60 pages)
  • Amended South Australian Road Rules (1.5kb/288 pages)
  • The future is electric (2.8mb/22 pages)
  • Can't talk. Driving. (395kb/14 pages)
  • NRMA Annual Report 2017 (2.9mb/135 pages) 
  • Funding local roads (1.57mb/35 pages)
  • The future of car ownership (14.96mb/86 pages)
  • The future of car ownership - Key information summary (2.06mb/4 pages)
  • Commuter car parking inquiry submission (389kb/4 pages)
  • NRMA 2017-18 NSW Budget Submissions (1.53mb/41 pages)
  • NRMA 2017-18 ACT Budget Submissions (788kb/15 pages)
  • NRMA cost of crashes report (1.39mb/23 pages)
  • Kings and Commonwealth Avenue Strategy submission - July 2017 (377kb/4 pages)
  • Regional Development and a Global Sydney submission - May 2017 (429kb/7 pages) 
  • Trialling Autonomous Vehicles in NSW (2.53mb/18 pages)