NRMA Welcomes EV Charging Announcement

NRMA Fast Charger
NRMA Fast Charger

The NRMA has today welcomed the announcement from Federal Labor for a partnership program to build an electric vehicle fast charging network across regional Australia. 

The announcement of a $78.6 million partnership investment will see 117 fast charging sites across the national highway network, therefore ensuring that regional Australia is not left behind while the nation continues to transition away from petrol and diesel cars. 

The NRMA believes that the electrification of the nation’s transport fleet will deliver a raft of benefits, but work needs to be done to ensure that Australia catches up with the rest of the world as we continue to see lagging sales of electric vehicles and a need to fast-track charging infrastructure. 

As Australia’s largest mutual, the NRMA is well positioned to play a critical role in building this infrastructure as the organisation’s business model enables it to make long-term investments which deliver wide ranging benefits to the community. 

NRMA Group CEO, Rohan Lund, said the organisation had a proven track record in partnering with NSW Government to deliver the nation’s largest fast charging regional network and it would work with the next Australian Government to expand that network regardless of the outcome of the May election. 

“The NRMA welcomes today’s announcement and we are committed to growing our existing regional network of fast charging stations across the country because we fundamentally believe that regional Australia should not be left behind as this exciting transition happens,” Mr Lund said. 

“The Australian Government has begun building a charging network and after the May election, the work of expanding that network and ensuring Australia has the infrastructure it needs must occur and must occur quickly.

“Australia is a massive country and that presents some real challenges to ensure that we are ready for the inevitable influx of electric vehicles.

“Helping to solve this very challenge is exactly the reason why the NRMA was created over 100 years ago and we are committed to building on the work that has already begun in NSW so every Australian can benefit from the opportunities that will come from this next evolution of global transport.”

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