Start your 6 month NRMA Blue free trial

Start your 6 month free trial. Cancel anytime*.

Start your 6 month free trial of NRMA Blue and get access to thousands of savings and discounts Australia-wide.

Search and redeem benefits instantly on the my nrma app, where you'll save on:

✔ Flights, holidays and accommodation.
✔ Movie vouchers, entertainment and attractions.
✔ Shopping, fashion, gifts, lifestyle and more.
✔ Dining at thousands of restaurants and cafes.
✔ Insurance for your car, home, and travel.
✔ Fuel, car parts and servicing.

After your 6 month free trial, NRMA Blue is just $5 per month from month 7 onwards. 
Total cost $30 over 12 months. Cancel anytime.


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Explore ways to save

What you could save in 6 months

Fuel savings
Fuel up to $52

Filling up the car weekly, you could save $2.00 a week on fuel = $52 over 6 months**

Cinema savings
Cinema up to $54

Visiting the cinema each month with a friend, you could save $4.50 per ticket = $54 over 6 months^

Groceries savings
Groceries up to $208

Weekly shop of around $200, you could save $8 every shop = $208 over 6 months#

Your total savings = up to $314

A huge range of brands

Members get exclusive benefits from some of Australia's biggest brands in travel, entertainment, lifestyle and more.

Only your NRMA Blue trial Membership via our 6 months free offer is eligible for cancellation within the first 12 months. Any other NRMA Blue Membership or Roadside Assistance Membership is not eligible for cancellation before the renewal due date.

If you do not wish to proceed with your NRMA Blue trial 6 month free offer Membership during the first 6 months of the free trial period, you can cancel your Blue Membership anytime only within the first 12 months online.

Below are the 3 easy online steps.

  1. Register ( or sign in (
    • Sign into self-service account using your email address and password or your mobile/date of birth/postcode
    • From the my nrma app, go to ‘My vehicle and Membership details’ link in the settings menu
  2. Click on Cancel to discontinue your Membership.
    • Only eligible Members will see the option to ‘Cancel’ activated next to the scheduled payment details.
  3. Select a reason to cancel
    • Once complete, you should receive an email to confirm your request to cancel your NRMA Blue trial subscription. If you hold any other subscriptions with us, these are not affected.

To update your details on your Membership you’ll need to register ( or sign in (  Sign into self-service account using your email address and password or your mobile/date of birth/postcode.

Click Edit your details now, or the ‘My profile’ section to view and update your contact details, phone, email and mailing address.

Note - your title, name, and date of birth are not options you can edit online as this alters the details linked to the setup of your Membership.  

The NRMA complies by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The NRMA does not store or retain your credit card details. Instead, we store a token which does not contain any actual credit card information. This token is then sent to our payment merchant who will process the recurring monthly payment. 

NRMA Blue is our benefits program for NRMA Members. You can enjoy exclusive benefits that come with being a Member – from saving on everyday items such as fuel, dining, utilities and movie tickets to discounts on car insurance, accommodation, attractions and flights.

Members who have already purchased roadside assistance will automatically have access to all NRMA Blue benefits

Need roadside assistance?

*Free 6 month trial of NRMA Blue: Offer is for a free 6 month trial of NRMA Blue. This offer is only available to new NRMA Members who do not hold an active NRMA Membership. Under this offer, NRMA Blue is free for the first 6 months and $5 per month from month 7 onwards on a rolling 12 month contract. Minimum commitment is 12 months with a total minimum cost of $30 over this period. Offer is only available on monthly payments and is not valid for annual payments. Offer period is from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023. This offer available online only and is not valid in conjunction with any other offer. The NRMA reserves the right to terminate the free 6 month trial of NRMA Blue offer at any time. Please note that NRMA Blue is a Member benefits program only and does not include roadside assistance.

Full terms and conditions can be found here

**Based on an average fuel price of $1.65/L with a 40L fuel tank. With our premium NRMA Blue Member fuel discount of a savings of 5c/L, the spend would be $66/week representing a saving of $2 per week equates to a total savings $52 over 6 month period.

^Based on an adult e-movie voucher at $16.50 with NRMA Blue, an Adult cinema tickets at the Events Cinemas box office of $21/ticket, that would represent a savings of $4.50 per ticket. By visiting Events cinemas once a month with an Adult friend over a 6 month period, that’s a saving of $54.

#Based on an average weekly shop of $200. Using Woolworths Supermarket eGift Cards with a 4% discount, that’s a savings of $8 per shop, over 6 month period, that’s a savings of $208.