International Driving Permit: What is it and what countries require it?

International Driving Permit
International Driving Permit

Driving overseas can be stressful, between knowing which side of the road you need to be on to different road rules, there’s a lot you have to think about. So we’ll help you tick one thing off your list by helping you get an International Driving Permit (IDP).

An IDP will come in handy if you plan on driving overseas, it’s a United Nations sanctioned document that’s translated into 9 different languages. And it’s quick and easy to get one, for just $42 all you need to do is apply online and upload a passport sized photo.

International Driving Permits are recognised in over 150 countries around the world. View the IDP directory to find out if the country you are visiting requires an IDP, which side of the road to drive on and the recommended automotive club in case of emergencies. To use the directory, select the first letter of the country you are visiting.



Watch out

Only motoring organisations such as the NRMA are authorised to issue IDPs. Other, non-sanctioned IDPs are counterfeit and considered illegal to use.