On road training

Sydney traffic at night

Practical and
relevant training
that works

This program allows drivers who have recently attended a workshop presentation the opportunity to put the theory of safer driving into practice.

Conducted with a ratio of 2 drivers to 1 trainer per vehicle, participants will alternate between driving and observing throughout the 1 hour session. Training will take place around your local roads, using your own company vehicles to create relatable driving scenarios.

Participants will receive practical demonstrations and comprehensive feedback on their own application of low risk driving.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise and apply low risk driving strategies
  • Create and maintain crash avoidance space to avoid the five main crash types - rear end, side on, intersections, off-path straight and off-path curve
  • "Buffer" away from hazards
  • Recognise risk taking motivations - what is the gain?
  • Establish safe acceleration and braking distances
  • Apply hazard perception and risk awareness techniques
  • Perform basic vehicle checks
  • Understand occupant safety
  • Learn how ABS braking works

The NRMA can also provide specialised training for:

  • Car park environments and valet parking
  • Familiarisation and manoeuvring of long wheel base vehicles and larger vans
  • Coaching and/or assessments for drivers new to Australian roads
  • Corporate safety days and conferences as a guest speaker


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