Don’t leave it too long between car service appointments

  • Service your car at the specified time or kilometre interval – whichever comes first

  • Driving too many kilometres between check-ups can compromise your car’s safety

  • Going too many months between services can cause premature wear and damage to your car

  • Ask for a quote first to avoid ‘surprise costs’ at service time

Car service intervals are usually six, nine or 12 months. In some European models, sensors in the engine will let you know when a service is required. Each time interval has a corresponding kilometre interval, typically from 5000 to 15,000km. How often you service your car should be based on whichever of these intervals comes up first.

However, the experience of Motorserve technicians is that many car owners take a ‘whichever-comes-last’ approach instead.

They’re either a high-kilometre driver who drives past the recommended maximum distance between services or a low-kilometre driver who goes beyond the recommended maximum number of months before taking their vehicle to the car service centre.

Motorserve Liverpool
 manager explains:

“Car service guidelines ensure the vehicle has regular checks for safety and defects, and are also designed to ensure the engine is sufficiently lubricated,” he says.

“Driving for a longer distance than you are supposed to between services is a safety risk: for example, your brakes may be wearing low.

“These are obviously important things to check, so the more the operator drives the car without doing so, the more likely they are putting themselves and others at risk.

“On the other hand, waiting until kilometres are reached if the vehicle isn't used much isn't recommended at all, because old oil can build up moisture inside the engine.

“This creates sludge that can block the flow of oil through small passages in the engine: if the engine internals are not sufficiently lubricated, engine failure and seizure can occur.

“The most common consequences are breakdowns – there may be underlying faults occurring which the driver may not be aware of but that a skilled technician may identify earlier,” he continues.

Many car owners are put off getting their car serviced because they’re worried about surprise costs, but Jason says the simplest way to make sure this doesn't happen is to ask for a quote first.

“We provide upfront quoting before any repairs are carried out so there are no surprises,” he explains.

“We also carry out a comprehensive safety check on all vehicles that come into our service centres – this gives our customers a detailed report of the general condition of the car they are driving.

“We’re here for Members and here to help. Good honest car servicing is what we stand for.”

When was your car last serviced?

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