Getting your car road trip ready

Road trip car service checks
Road trip car service checks
The NRMA has teamed up with Destination NSW to make sure you can see the absolute best that NSW has to offer by road this year. Check out the video below for our top tips on keeping your car road-trip-ready.


Many Australians head off on a road trip in the summer months, but long drives and soaring temperatures can put a big strain on a car, especially when it is towing a boat or caravan. If routine maintenance is not carried out, a problem could arise at the worst possible time.


Regular engine oil and filter changes are important for proper engine operation and longevity, but circumstances can also affect the lubricants in your vehicle. If you are towing a caravan or have heavy payload, it will make your engine and transmission work harder and the oil degrade faster. Ensure your car is serviced prior to any long journey.


Sadness is getting a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere and then discovering the spare tyre has not been properly inflated. Check the pressure on all tyres before you hit the road and also examine them for wear. Quality car tyres in good condition make a big difference if you need to stop suddenly.


On a 35 degree day, the only thing standing between you and an overheated engine is the radiator. Always keep coolant topped up, change it regularly, and don’t ignore signs of coolant leaks.


Your car’s brake pedal should not be spongy underfoot and the brakes should not squeak or grind. These are signs you could need new brake pads or brake fluids or your rotors could be uneven or warped. 


It’s possible to drive in Australia for months without hitting a rainstorm. When you do, the last thing you want is to turn on the wipers and discover the blades are no good. Clean them regularly and replace them if they begin to squeak or leave streaks behind.

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