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Everyday Care

Get cover for the essentials for just $9.99 a month.

With extra metro towing up to 25km and increased towing weight allowance for larger vehicles, it’s perfect if you drive shorter distances. Because whether it’s at work, a restaurant, a school, a field or curled up on the couch, there’s always somewhere better to be than the roadside.

Now with no Join Fee.
• Australia's largest roadside assistance network.
• Unlimited 24/7 callouts, 365 days a year.
• With more technicians ready to help in more places, we get to you, fast.
• Access to thousands of savings and offers with our Member benefits program, NRMA Blue.

What's included in Everyday Care?

  • Unlimited callouts

    Access unlimited roadside assistance 24/7, 365 days a year – wherever you are.

  • 25km metro towing

    We’ll get you back home or to a mechanic anywhere across Sydney, Newcastle, Blue Mountains, Illawarra and ACT.

  • Towing in country areas

    If you break down in a country area, we’ll tow you for free to the nearest NRMA country service centre. View towing areas.

  • Larger vehicles

    Everyday Care now covers vehicles like SUVs and 4WDs up to 3.5t GVM. So if you need a tow, we’ve got you covered.

  • Flat tyres

    If you have a roadworthy spare on hand, we’ll change your tyre on the spot and get you moving.

  • Flat batteries

    We’ll give you a jump start to get you going, or arrange for a replacement* if your battery’s dead.

  • Empty fuel tanks

    We’ll top up your fuel if your tank runs dry which you can pay for later. Or, we’ll arrange a tow.

  • Key lock-outs

    If you’ve misplaced your keys, we’ll help get back into your car in no time.

  • Assistance for motorcycles and scooters

    Roadside assistance is available for motorbikes and scooters as well.

  • Electric and hybrid cars

    We cover electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars, as well as petrol and diesel vehicles.

* Battery replacement costs apply, Members receive free delivery and installation.

  • Remote towing

    If you breakdown in a remote area, you will be liable for costs on the total distance travelled by the country service centre operator, from the country boundary to your vehicle and back to the country area. View towing areas.

  • Breakdown travel assistance

    Breakdown travel assistance like car rental and accommodation.

  • Unregistered vehicle

    Unregistered or unroadworthy vehicle is unable to receive roadside assistance.

  • Unsafe breakdown area*

    When a breakdown is deemed unsafe by NRMA for a technician to attempt, or continue attempting, to mobilise the vehicle.

  • Trailer, boat and caravan towing

    If you do require towing for your trailer, commercial rates apply. Consider Complete Care or Ultimate Care for trailer inclusions.

  • Larger vehicle towing

    Larger vehicle towing with a Gross Vehicle Mass of over 3.5 tonnes like motorhomes, campervans, larger vans and buses. Consider Complete Care or Ultimate Care.

  • Accident, flood or theft

    Vehicles that have suffered damage as a result of an accident, flood (including water damage), theft, fire or malicious damage.

  • Taxi/rideshare allowance


General exclusions apply, see roadside assistance terms and conditions for full details.

Add even more value to your Membership with our Add-on products.
  • Tow Plus

    Get an extra 10km of towing on top of your existing subscription benefits.

    $1.00/month or $12/year

  • Key Plus

    Up to $500 a year, covering the cost of a locksmith callout and replacement keys.

    $2.50/month or $30/year

  • Windscreen Plus

    One windscreen chip repair or save 30% on windscreen replacements.

    $1.35/month or $16/year

  • Pet Plus

    We’ll take care of transport and accommodation if necessary for your cat or dog in the event of a breakdown.

    $3.75/month or $45/year

View all roadside options

Roadside assistance is available 48 hours after joining. Refer to the roadside assistance terms and conditions for full details.

Get the best roadside assistance from the team who go the extra mile – literally.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need a tow that is more than your towing inclusions, you will need to pay commercial rates at the time of tow, for the total distance that is in excess of your inclusions.

This also includes towing in an area outside your inclusions and/or any trailers that aren't covered in your inclusions.
Yes, we will provide roadside assistance to the nominated vehicle on your Membership as long as a licensed driver is present with the nominated vehicle or at an agreed meeting place when we arrive. General roadside assistance exclusions apply.
Yes, NRMA Membership entitles you to national roadside assistance coverage, utilising reciprocal arrangements that NRMA has with all other State and Territory motoring clubs in Australia.

Reciprocal benefits entitle you to the basic roadside assistance cover offered by the State or Territory motoring club, depending on which State or Territory in which you breakdown.

Add another vehicle to your Membership and you'll get 20% off the first year of roadside assistance.