The years ahead

Senior couple sitting on bench

Planning and educating for the years ahead

All drivers, passengers and pedestrians are at risk every time they use our roads. And as you get older, your risk of being involved in a crash increase.

Our years ahead driver program is free to groups of older road users, and delivered by trained presenters from within the peer age group.

The program aims to:

  • Increase awareness of safe driving practices
  • Encourage all drivers to monitor their ability to drive
  • Encourage older drivers to seek advice from their doctors regarding their capacity to drive
  • Provide information about alternative transport solutions
  • Increase awareness of safe driving practices

Facts about driving in the years ahead program

  • Run by seniors for the benefit of seniors
  • Sessions last for approximately 1 hour
  • Sessions include an engaging formal presentation

Invite us to visit your group or organisation

We offer the following free education presentations: 

  • Years ahead driver program
  • Pedestrian program

If you’re not part of a community group, speak to your local council and ask them to organise an event.

About our visit to your community organisation

We have presenters in all areas of Sydney, and most of regional NSW. We will also consider travelling to other locations depending on the size of the audience.

We require a minimum audience of 20 people per program. If the group is larger than 40 people, it would be appreciated if a microphone or PA system is provided to assist in the presentation. We also require a screen to present – a 4 foot screen for less than 30 people, or a 6 foot screen for more than 30 is recommended. Each presentation is 60 minutes in length, including some time for questions.

When making your booking request, please provide at least 2 possible dates for our visit and allow a minimum of 4 weeks' notice. We will be in contact within 2 weeks of receiving your request.

What we'll discuss:

  • Changes to legislation
  • Are older drivers more at risk?
  • Road rules – are you up to date?
  • Safe driving tips
  • Lots of easy reminders and checks
  • Vehicle safety – a really useful checklist
  • Pedestrian safety – staying safe as a pedestrian
  • Physical fitness and driving – checking your fitness so we can enjoy driving for longer
  • Mobility alternatives – planning for when you can no longer drive

Key topics covered:

  • Road rules refresher
  • Safe driving tips
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Health and driving
  • Older driver licensing
  • Mobility alternatives

Pedestrian program

This program is about maintaining your mobility without a car. It combines detailed information on pedestrian safety and tips on public transport and using mobility aids such as motorised scooters as a pedestrian. 

Combined driver and pedestrian program

For groups with a mixture of drivers and non-drivers, this program covers the most relevant parts of the years ahead program before exploring pedestrian safety in more depth for older road users.

Further assistance

We also offer one on one refresher lessons for seniors to prepare them for RMS senior driver assessments. These are delivered through our safer driving school – program and fees apply.

Get involved

Our years ahead driver program is free to groups of older road users