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Want to find the cheapest fuel, parking, dining and attractions near you, plus access heaps of road trip related content and offers? The my nrma app is the place to go to access all your benefits and order roadside assistance. You'll also find new content to help you every day and on every journey.

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Frequently asked questions

The app is easy to install. Follow these simple steps.

You can still use your Membership card just like before with partners like Repco, for online pre-purchased offers and in new places such as Manly Fast Ferries. However, to redeem the new Caltex offer of up to 5 cents per litre on fuel, you will need to download the new my nrma app that includes your unique code, and present it at participating locations as this is the only way the participating Caltex can process the discount. And the app also gives you access to find cheap fuel and parking, local guides across the country and more.

When you open the app, you'll be asked to update to the latest version via the App store or Google Play. Then you'll need to log in using your mobile number or Membership number in order to keep using the app and get the most of your NRMA Blue member benefits.

Yes, once you've logged into the my nrma app, all your Membership details are ready to go and all your benefits are ready to be enjoyed.

Yes, you can book a roadside assistance call as well as track your patrol van.

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