Street Art and Silo Art Trails

Silo Art Trail NSW, Victoria
Silo Art Trail Map
Sheep Hills, Victoria

Who would've thought agriculture storage would be become the canvas for a growing art movement?

Street artists and rural communities have been working together to create some the of the most magnificent art Australia has to offer. Murals of epic proportions can be found all across Australia and serve as great stopovers on road trips and act as a vital lifeline for some rural communities who who welcome tourists to learn more about their town.

Zoom in and out to reveal artworks across Australia, tap to find out more and get directions.
Map courtesy of Paul Evans.

Although the silo mural movement is relatively new with the first silos painted in Australia in Northam, West Australia in March 2015, other states have been quick to commission many murals across the country. If you are planning a road trip, don't forget to stop over at any of the artworks in the map above.

Not only are they a feast for the eyes, but regular stops provide drivers respite and kids can marvel at the sheer scale and colours of lots of these projects (questions like "how long do you think it takes to paint one of these?" can garner enjoyable results).

Pulling over at art installations serve as a great break from driving, and while you're at it, don't forget to re-energise with an ice cream and browse the local community craft shops. You'll be helping yourself and the local economy.