Valet parking training session

Valet parking driver training

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Our valet parking driver training session is an engaging mix of theory and hands-on experience for anyone working in a car park environment. The sessions run for 1.25 hours in a cordoned off area of the car park. With a maximum of 6 participants in the group, this is a short and intensive program where everyone gets the opportunity to get behind the wheel.

Course objectives

To familiarise drivers with the specifics of operating vehicles in a car park environment, and through this build confidence and awareness of responsibilities involved.

Topics covered

  • Teamwork
  • Vehicle setup and posture
  • Braking and speed factors
  • Complacency
  • Conflicting values
  • Reaction times
  • Vision and perception
  • Using parking technology
  • Dealing with pressure
  • Low risk driving, parking and manoeuvring

Upon completion of the session, participants will have:

1. The ability to recognise hazards and apply low risk driving strategies.

2. An understanding of the limitations and techniques specific to car park environments.

3. An understanding of the responsibility associated with operating vehicles in car park environments.

4. The ability to maintain professional standards at all times.

The experts in driver training for businesses

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