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For nearly 100 years, the NRMA has existed to keep people moving. Our Members have always relied on us to be by their side when things go wrong, and with our investments in transport and tourism, the help we offer has evolved far beyond the roadside. As Australia's largest member organisation, everything we do is to benefit you, the Members. So when you asked for more value, we looked at how we could use our strong brand to deliver just that.


The result is NRMA Blue. With benefits that go well beyond the road, NRMA Blue provides access to a world of savings, even if you don't need roadside.


For $5 a month, you'll save on an exciting range of products, services and experiences to help you every day, and all are included in your Membership.


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What do I get with roadside assistance?

Access to NRMA Blue benefits and unlimited callouts for:

Flat batteries
Empty fuel tanks
Key lock-outs
Flat tyres

Here to help you

How we've kept you moving in the past year

Calls for help


Vehicles fixed roadside


Kids saved from locked cars


Pets saved from locked cars

Broken down? Request roadside assistance


Why 2.4 million Australians trust us

Over 1,000 specialist vehicles
Quick response
9/10 problems fixed roadside
24/7 battery help
Unlimited call outs
Emergency help

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