Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Network

Free Electric Vehicle Fast Charger Network NRMA Blue Member Benefit
Free Electric Vehicle Fast Charger Network Map Australia NRMA Blue Member Benefits

The future of cars is electric and just as the NRMA was there to help Australia navigate the rise of the automobile 100 years ago, we are helping future generations navigate this new era of electric vehicles. That's why we've committed $10 million to build one of Australia's largest electric vehicle fast charging networks.

Free for Members, this network will grow to more than 40 electric vehicle fast chargers covering 95% of Members' road trips. Lowering the overall cost of electric vehicle ownership, we're improving Australia's charger accessibility so you can keep moving, long into the future.


This map shows current chargers available to Members and is updated as more chargers become available. Terms and conditions apply.

Get involved

We are encouraging NRMA Members, local councils and community groups to demonstrate their interest in having a charging station in their local area. If you would like to be involved as a potential partner, investor or just to be kept in the loop, please contact us via email to register your interest.

How to charge

Insert Charger NRMA Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Network
Insert charger

Choose either CCS2 or CHAdeMO

Press start NRMA Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Network
Press start

Default setting will charge vehicle to 80%

Press Stop Charger NRMA Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Network
Press stop

Once desired charge is met

Disconnect Charger NRMA Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Network

Return charger to holster

Frequently asked questions

The core purpose of the NRMA is to keep people moving. This investment is just one way that we’ll continue to deliver on that promise, now and well into the future.

For most electric vehicles, an 80% charge takes approximately 30 minutes. Typically, the last 20% of charge takes significantly longer as the vehicle's own battery management system limits the charge rate to protect the battery. Actual charging rate will depend on battery size, age, current state of charge and the vehicle’s specific battery management system.

Currently, all those with electric vehicles are able to use the NRMA fast chargers for free*. This will remain the case for NRMA Members, however non-Members will be required to pay in future. To become a Member, join online or call us on 13 11 22. *Fair usage applies.

All NRMA fast chargers are compatible with full electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles that have either CCS2 or CHAdeMO plug types. Other vehicles may require an adaptor to use the NRMA Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Network, and it is up to you to have that on hand if necessary.

CCS Type 2 Electric Vehicle Plug

CCS2 plug

CHAdeMO Electric Vehicle Charger

CHAdeMO plug

There are a range of free websites and apps including PlugShare that can be used to find alternative public charging stations near you.

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