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Free Electric Vehicle Fast Charger Network Map Australia NRMA Blue Member Benefits

The NRMA story began in 1920 as a lobby group for better roads to allow motor vehicle travel across NSW and ACT, and we’ve been helping to shape change for our roads and transport for 100 years. Now, the inevitable future of motoring is electric, and we’ve already made solid headway on our EV fast charging network.

We’ve installed over 44 EV fast chargers across regional NSW along most major highways including the Hume, Newell, Sturt and Oxley Highways, as well as the Mitchell, Pacific, Olympic and Great Western Highways. As we continue to expand, EV motorists will be able to confidently tour the entirety of NSW and ACT.

Now, we’ve partnered with Transport for New South Wales to help deliver at least 20 additional electric vehicle fast chargers in regional locations. This will be the largest regional network of EV fast chargers in Australia, helping to future-proof our communities.


This map shows current chargers available to Members and is updated as more chargers become available. Terms and conditions apply.

Frequently asked questions

We represent over 2.4 million Members, and it’s always been part of our purpose to make sure that they and their communities are ready for the future of transport. This investment is just one way that we’ll continue to deliver on that promise, now and well into the future.
For most electric vehicles, an 80% charge takes about 40 minutes using the NRMA fast chargers. Typically, the last 20% of charge takes longer as the vehicle's own battery management system limits the charge rate to protect the battery. Actual charging rate will depend on battery size, age, current state of charge and the vehicle’s specific battery management system.
NRMA Members are able to use our fast chargers for free*. Whilst this is currently also the case for Non-Members, they will be required to pay in future. We'll give ample notice before this changes. To become a Member, join online or call us on 13 11 22. *Fair usage applies.
You can view the locations of NRMA fast chargers (50kW) in the map located above or via the my nrma app – free and exclusive to NRMA Members. If viewing via the my nrma app, log in using your mobile or Membership number and navigate to the 'Map' feature, select 'Fuel' and toggle the fuel type to 'EV charge' to search for NRMA chargers (and Tesla chargers in NSW) near you.

All NRMA fast chargers are compatible with full electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles that have either CCS2 or CHAdeMO plug types. Other vehicles may require an adaptor to use the NRMA Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Network, and it is up to you to have that on hand if necessary.

CCS Type 2 Electric Vehicle Plug

CCS2 plug

CHAdeMO Electric Vehicle Charger

CHAdeMO plug

As electric vehicles have less moving parts inside them, they are far quieter than petrol and diesel cars that pedestrians are used to. Many overseas jurisdictions where EVs are manufactured have already created regulations to ensure that Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems are in place so that EVs generate an artificial sound when travelling below 20 km/h to alert pedestrians.

These regulations are currently being considered by the Federal Government to become mandatory inclusions. Considerations are also being made as to how this is applied to early model EVs without an Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems place.

Several EV manufacturers have this already in place in EVs delivered to Australia including Hyundai, Nissan, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and BMW.

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