Chargefox ultra-rapid EV chargers

Chargefox ultra-rapid EV chargers
Chargefox ultra-rapid EV chargers
20% off ultra-rapid charging

Chargefox is Australia's first and largest network of ultra-rapid charging stations. These stations, powered by 100% renewable energy, are situated on major highways across the country.

NRMA Members have access to the NRMA EV fast charging network and through the partnership with Chargefox, Members will now have access to benefits when using Chargefox ultra-rapid stations via the Chargefox app.

Member offer

Save 20%* on electric vehicle charging at all Chargefox ultra-rapid sites across Australia.

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How to redeem

1. Download and install the free Chargefox app.

2. Follow the instructions to sign up and log into the Chargefox app.

3. In the 'My profile' section, click 'Add program' to add your NRMA Membership number and agree to the NRMA terms and conditions to activate your Member discount.

4. Add your credit card details.

5. Find ultra-rapid charging stations on the app's map and redeem your discount when using these stations. Simply use the filter icon to only display ultra-rapid sites.

6. Once you have completed your charging session, your Member discount will be applied and your credit card will be charged. A tax invoice will also be sent to your email.



Need urgent tech support for the Chargefox app? Call the support team on 1300 518 038

Frequently asked questions

All Chargefox ultra-rapid charging stations can be found via the Chargefox app or on the map below. Your discount can be redeemed at all ultra-rapid charging stations across Australia.

Once you've downloaded the free Chargefox app, you'll need to add your NRMA Member details to your profile. Simply go to 'Menu', navigate to 'My profile' and click 'Add program' to add your NRMA Membership number and agree to the NRMA terms and conditions. You must add your Member details prior to charging to receive your discount.

Then, search for a charger on the map in the Chargefox app that offers the Member discount. Participating locations will display the 'NRMA 20% off' discount next to the charging cost, as shown in the below example.

Chargefox app screen

You can redeem the 20% discount as often as you like, provided you have successfully added your Member details to your profile on the Chargefox app.

A Chargefox ultra-rapid charger is white and orange with the exception of Western Australia where it is bright yellow. All chargers will feature the Chargefox logo.

In NSW, you'll also see the NRMA logo displayed on the charger's front. Chargers located in other states will have the state's corresponding club logo displayed in its place. e.g. The RACV logo will be displayed in Victoria and the RAA logo in South Australia.

Chargefox ultra-rapid charger

Usage of Chargefox ultra-rapid chargers usually requires payment (unless you drive an affiliated Chargefox partner EV model). Pricing will vary depending on the model of your vehicle and on the station. When selecting the charger in the Chargefox app, the cost to charge will be displayed, along with your Member discount.

Ultra-rapid chargers are the fastest chargers in the world today and, with a charging capacity of 350kW, are capable of delivering up to 400km worth of charge in just 15 minutes to some of the latest electric vehicles (EVs) in the world. While most EVs currently available in Australia can't fully utilise 350kW, some of the more high-powered powered EVs charge faster on a 350kW charger than a 50kW charger. Although all modern EVs can use the Chargefox ultra-rapid chargers, we do advise that you check your vehicle manufacturer's guide to see how fast your EV can charge.

Help and support can be found in the ‘Help & Support’ section of the Chargefox app. Alternatively, you can contact Chargefox directly for support on 1300 518 038.

Ultra-rapid charging station locations

NRMA Members can also charge their electric vehicles at NRMA fast chargers across NSW and ACT.

Not an NRMA Member?

NRMA Membership gives EV owners a variety of discounts and benefits

*The Offer: 20% off Retail Charging Price charging at all Chargefox ultra-rapid sites.

The Offer is only available at participating Chargefox ultra-rapid sites. For participating locations please download the Chargefox app.

For terms and conditions of use of the Chargefox Network including Chargefox privacy policy under which your personal information will be collected on registration for the app and use of the network then visit:

1. Offer only applies to the Retail Charging Price. Other fees and charges may apply.

2. Members may be entitled to further discounts as part of a vehicle manufacturer partnership with Chargefox. See for more information.

3. The offer can only be activated by Members who have completed the following steps prior to charging their vehicle:

a. Downloaded or updated the Chargefox app (on a compatible smartphone).

b. Logged into the Chargefox app and added their credit card information and NRMA Membership number in their profile.

4. The offer is not limited to usage or time restrictions and can be used by NRMA Members at any time.

5. Discounts cannot be applied after a charge session has begun or has been completed.

6. Help and support is provided by Chargefox when using the Chargefox app or any of the Chargefox ultra-rapid sites. This can be found in the Help & Support section in the Chargefox app.

7. The Offer may be withdrawn at any time and without notice.

8. NRMA accepts no responsibility in respect to any damage or loss to a Member caused through their use of, or lack of availability of Chargefox equipment to charge their vehicle. Members should review the Chargefox terms and conditions and privacy policy referenced above.

9. These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time. Please read here for the latest conditions.