The hidden costs of buying a second hand car

Inspecting a car

Buying a car is a big financial commitment, so it’s common sense that you take steps to ensure that the vehicle you’re looking at buying won’t cost you a mint down the track.

Part of a vehicle’s overall value is determined by the condition it’s in. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you may miss important repairs in places you can’t see, short of jacking the car up and having a professional take a look. Missing these prior to purchasing could see you parting with hefty sums of money, on top of the purchase price.

Did you know that you could get any prospective car inspected before going ahead with a purchase?

If you’ve found a car you would really like to purchase, having a pre-sale inspection of the vehicle conducted, will ensure that any hidden nasties are revealed before you fork over your hard-earned cash. Any discoveries can then be used to negotiate a reduction of the sale price.

Cars purchased interstate can also come with their share of risk, as interstate vehicle laws are different with regards to registration to those registered in NSW.

So that nice car you purchased from someone in Queensland, it may cost you more just to get it on the road.

NRMA pre-sale inspections are more than just a safety check. They also include:

  • A comprehensive visual check of the interior, exterior, underbody and engine compartment
  • A driving test
  • Test of the battery, electrics and pressure
  • Paint gauge
  • Fluid checks

We’ll also check the vehicle’s compliance, log books, spare tyre, paint and panel; providing you with a comprehensive report, including photographs, which will provide information on any issues found. We provide you with peace of mind in providing you with the knowledge of anything that may compromise the vehicle’s value or lead to ongoing costs.

Take the guesswork out of buying a used car

An NRMA mobile vehicle inspection is a comprehensive inspection detailing the current state of the vehicle