Safety check – pink slip

Bonus pink slip
with any service*

We are currently offering a free safety check for Members and non-Members

Generally, vehicles more than five years old are required by the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) to pass a safety check – also referred to as a pink slip, or rego check – before you can renew their registration. To know for sure, check your registration renewal notice – it will state it there.

All of our NSW car service centres are authorised RMS e-safety check inspection stations. Once we've done the check, the results will be sent to the RMS electronically, saving you the trip.

Safety checks take approximately 30 minutes to complete and the results are valid for 6 months.

We have 22 car service centres across Sydney, Canberra and NSW

Once you've completed your safety check (pink slip) and purchased a CTP green slip from your preferred insurer, you’ll be able to renew your registration for another 6 or 12 months.

We'll get you ready for the road

Your vehicle may require some repairs before it can pass a safety check. If we find any problems with your vehicle, we’ll issue you with a white slip – valid for 14 days.

Our mechanics will assess if any repairs are needed, and can also help carry them out. Once the necessary repairs have been made, your vehicle will receive a safety check verifying that it’s safe and roadworthy.

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*Terms and conditions apply. Safety checks are only required in NSW. Not available at our Tuggeranong centre or via mobile car servicing.