What’s does a log book service include?

Log book service
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It goes without saying that you’re better off keeping on top of things than letting repairs get out of hand. This is also true when it comes to cars and why vehicle manufacturers specify regular log book services. 

What’s a log book service?

A log book service is a proactive approach to car maintenance where regular inspections and small fixes can keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. It can also prevent small problems turning into major damage and issues which could be costly to repair. Whether it’s checking the serpentine belts, replacing the brake pads, inspecting the shock absorbers or filling up the transmission fluid. The actual tasks carried out in each log book service are carefully designed to be carried out at specific intervals to keep your car running at optimal performance.

Where can I find my log book?

Every car and most commercial vehicles are issued with a ‘Log Book’ by the manufacturer which lays out the specified timing and agenda for your regular log book services. Ideally, you should keep your log book in your glove box for reference and to record any details.

Where can I go for a log book service? 

Despite what you may hear, you don’t have to go back to your vehicle manufacturer’s service centre for log book servicing in order to maintain your new vehicle warranty. NRMA car servicing is an authorised log book servicing provider, which means that bringing your car to one of our 23 car servicing centres won’t affect your car manufacturer’s warranty. And what’s more, by staying on top of your log book services, you’re ensuring your vehicle’s warranty will be upheld. Plus, we’ll even wash and vacuum your car at the end of the day. 

From pink slip inspections to engine management, our mechanics have the equipment and expertise to service your vehicle – guaranteeing that all parts and services are of the highest quality. You can drive away knowing that your vehicle is completely safe and reliable.

Is your car due for a service?

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