The best way to learn to drive

By NRMA Motoring on 07 April 2017
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  • Learning to drive with the road safety experts
  • In this time you’re at a dramatically increased risk of a crash compared with an experienced driver. Expert tuition will give you the skills you need to avoid becoming a statistic. 
  • NRMA driver training offers training to help experienced drivers upgrade their skills

Driver training at the NRMA will prepare you for the challenges of driving on your own when you get your Ps, rather than merely helping you pass the test.

Reasons to choose NRMA driver training

  • You will learn from the experts: being taught how to drive by an expert makes you much safer during those initial inexperienced years as a newly licenced driver.
  • The NRMA has a structured program: our qualified instructors follow a framework to instill each of the competencies required to obtain your licence and become a safe driver.
  • We teach safe driving skills: The NRMA driver training experts teach practical, low-risk driving techniques, including hazard reduction and crash avoidance.
  • You will learn in modern, safe cars: Learn to drive in the latest model automatic and manual vehicles.
  • You can fast-track your logbook hours: each hour spent with an accredited driving instructor counts for three hours in the learner driver logbook in NSW. This allows a maximum of 10 driving tuition hours to be recorded as 30 hours in the logbook, which goes towards the minimum of 120 hours of supervised driving that must be logged before you go for your Ps.
  • We make it easy and pick you up: an NRMA driver training Instructor will pick you up at a location convenient to you.

Learn to drive with the experts