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Know the current health status of your car battery

Your battery is an essential part of your vehicle. Not only does it start your engine, it also operates a variety of components including your car’s computer, central locking and keyless entry.

We’ve all experienced the tell-tale signs of a low battery, your vehicle struggles to start, the light on the dash comes on and the panic sets in. If you’re not sure how long your battery will last, why not take advantage of our free battery health check for Members?

We can identify battery issues before they become a problem, helping you avoid the stress and inconvenience of a flat battery. The battery health check can be completed in under 10 minutes and you’ll even get a print out of your test results to give you peace of mind and insight into your battery’s health and life expectancy.

We use manufacturer specified Midtronic^ testers that are connected to your vehicle’s battery terminals to check:

  • Starter motor
  • Charging systems
  • Current state of battery charge and temperature
  • Detection of any bad battery cells

Even better, our health check is available for all types of vehicle batteries.

If we identify any faults during the test, we’ll explain what are your options are so you can make an informed decision on what to do next.

Should you need a replacement battery, we carry an extensive range of high performance options – all backed by nationwide warranties, plus we recycle your old battery. If there is a fault with your vehicle's alternator, starter motor or other electrical system faults, our partners at Motorserve can assist.

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^Midtronic testers are a world recognised brand of vehicle battery testers. Due to their patented conductance technology they are the preferred test method for many Automotive Manufacturers (OEM) for determining battery conditions and warranty resolutions