Meet the patrols that keep you moving

Although our services to Members are expanding we recognise the service that most Members rely on, roadside assistance. With a heritage built on help, our main goal will always be to keep Members moving, no matter where you are. Get to know the guys that come to the rescue when you need them most.

If you see a patrol with 474 on the back of the ute, it's Ken whose been a patrol for almost 28 years. He's even had to call the NRMA himself when he had a flat battery on his recent family holiday to Taree. Ken loves the Parramatta Eels (don't hold it against him), however Ken gets his satisfaction from helping the thousands of Members he's served over his time.

Col Endacott has been a NRMA patrol for seven years, yet has worked for the NRMA for over 30 years. He loves his line of work because it's outdoors, however providing unconditional help to those in need is the reason Col gets up in the morning.

David has been a NRMA patrol for over 30 years. David's favourite call out are for keys locked in cars, as the procedure is quick, painless and Members drive away happy. David is a prime example of the culture at the NRMA to keep Members moving.

These patrols are the driving force behind our legendary roadside assistance, however road assist is just one part of a NRMA Membership. Find out how Members can experience Australia through Member benefits, discounts and rewards.

Flat battery?

We can come to you and install a new car battery 24/7