Port Macquarie takes NSW breakdown crown

11 April 2017
NRMA patrol fixing engine
NRMA roadside assistance data has revealed Port Macquarie, Blacktown and Sydney’s CBD were the top three breakdown locations in New South Wales over the past 12 months.

The most common reasons for breakdown were batteries, wheels and tyres, electrical, lockouts, and fuel injection / engine management.

NRMA Executive General Manager Motoring, Samantha Taranto, said while most breakdowns were caused by flat batteries, human error was always reason enough for motorists to make sure their NRMA roadside Membership was up to date.

“Our patrols do more than just help with mechanical breakdowns, they’re there when you accidentally lock your keys in the car, a tyre blows or you forget to turn your lights off overnight and kill your battery,” she said.

“No one ever expects to call us, which is why we are so valuable when you do.”

While the perception may be that newer cars don’t break down, analysis of cars that the NRMA helped get moving over the past 12 months showed that vehicles aged between four and 15 years make up the significant bulk of calls for help (the average age of Australia’s vehicle fleet is 10 years).

Cars manufactured in 2005, or that were 12 years old, accounted for the most calls to the NRMA between March 2016 and 2017, with almost 50,000 breakdowns.

This was closely followed by cars manufactured in 2007, 2006, 2003 and 2010, respectively.

More than 14,000 cars manufactured in 2016 required roadside assistance, highlighting that new cars are also breaking down regularly.

The top 10 locations of breakdowns were:

1. Port Macquarie (4,902)

2. Blacktown (4,310)

3. Sydney CBD (4,280)

4. Castle Hill (3,842)

5. Baulkham Hills (3,424)

6. Coffs Harbour (3,364)

7. Mascot (3,358)

8. Mosman (3,204)

9. Randwick (2,928)

10. Matraville (2,844)

Ms Taranto said the top locations not only reflected population density but popular holiday driving locations as well.

“It’s no surprise popular holiday destinations like Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour make the list, which is also why we always encourage Members to get their cars checked over by our mechanics at our Car Servicing Centres before heading off on a road trip,” she said.

“At the NRMA we’ve been keeping people moving for almost 100 years: Members can rest assured that no matter the age or location of their car, our team of Australia’s largest fleet of roadside mechanics are there when you need them.”

To renew your Membership or find out if it is up to date, phone 13 11 21, or book a car service with NRMA car servicing.