SHINE - LGBTQI and Ally group


At the NRMA, we take pride in being a company that supports people for who they are, no matter how they identify.

While we still have progress to make, we are proud to be making a difference to the lives of our LGBTQI+ employees, as well as our Members and wider community.

And while we proudly advocate for the inclusion of sexually and gender diverse communities, we want to ensure we create a workplace environment that offers peace of mind for now and long into the future, to ensure all our people feel confident and comfortable enough to be their true selves.

This is not simply about having and ticking off a ‘diversity and inclusion’ checklist, it goes far beyond that. We want our people to enjoy coming to work or logging on, and bringing their best selves to the team. We're doing this to ensure a happier and ultimately more productive workforce and a greater sense of belonging organisation-wide.



NRMA Staff and the NSW Police Force on Wear it Purple Day.

AWEI Recognition

The NRMA was named as a bronze employer for LGBTQI+ employee inclusion at the 2022 Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) awards, as well as most improved employer.

Why NRMA has changed their logo?

While we may only be in our third year of changing our logo on our social media channels, we’re committed to supporting the LGBTQI+ community. At the NRMA we recognise diversity and encourage a more inclusive community where everyone feels like they belong. That sense of belonging regardless of age, race, sexuality, or gender is embedded in how we create an authentically inclusive environment, how we operate as a work family, and how we live out our values. 

What do the colours of the logo mean?

With the logo change, you'll see there are a few more colours than just our standard blue and white. The bright colours you see are great to look at, but they also serve an important purpose.

The original rainbow pride flag was designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978. It consisted of eight stripes in different colors, each one with a specific meaning. However, with developments in the LGBTQI+ community, the Pride flag now gives representation to queer people of colour, as well as trans individuals.

The flag gives the LGBTQI+ a sense of pride and we can think of no better way to celebrate every facet of the LGBTQI+ community than by letting their flag fly high.

We're always working to ensure an inclusive culture doesn't just exist, but that it allows our people to thrive - and that our differences are celebrated.

LGBTQI+ Inclusion

In July 2019, we established our first employee led network group named SHINE, with Emma Harrington, Chief Executive Officer, Motoring & Membership, as our Executive Sponsor. SHINE provides a fantastic support network for our employees who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI+) as well as their allies. The group continues to raise awareness across the NRMA, with more LGBTI+ employees coming to work feeling happy and comfortable in their own skin.

We also work with external partners like Pride in Diversity, the only not-for-profit workplace program in the country designed specifically for the LGBTI+ community. What's more, our policies and benefits that are available to employees are inclusive of same sex partners and families.

We want our LGBTI+ employees and Members to be proud of who they are, because we’re just as proud to stand alongside them.

  • We marked several days of significance in 2021, and raised awareness with events, videos and articles on Yammer, including the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras (February), International Transgender day of Visibility (31 March), Lesbian Visibility day (26 April), IDAHOBIT (17 May), Pride Month (June), International Non-Binary People’s day (14 July), Wear it Purple Day (27 August), International Coming Out day (12 October) and Trans Awareness Week (November).
  • For International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia, and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT), we produced a video asking NRMA Group employees about the significance of the day with a simple message - ‘be nice, be supportive, be kind’.
  • We celebrated Wear it Purple day on 27 August with our very first SHINE panel event at the NRMA Group on Allies starting the conversation. Over 140 people attended the panel event. The NRMA LinkedIn page featured our Wear it Purple day panel event.
  • Our email signatures were updated to include pronouns and an acknowledgement of country, along with a pronouns guide.
  • A language guide on trans and gender diverse inclusion went out to our frontline employees as part of our inclusivity program.
  • We implemented confidential contacts and compiled a list of national and state based support services relevant to LGBTQI people, their families and friends, and made it available on Yammer and on our intranet page.
  • Our first Belong at NRMA Group employee survey launched in November to better understand our people and our diversity. The survey included questions on sexual identity and LGBTQI allies. This will help guide inclusion initiatives in the future. Participation in the survey was voluntary.
  • An update to our existing policy and procedures is underway, based on best practice to support LGBTQI inclusive outcomes, including Domestic and Family Violence policy, Bullying and Harassment policy, Travel advice, and Third Party provider policy.
  • SHINE, our LGBTQI employee network is included in our corporate orientation, ‘Life at NRMA’ and the SHINE Council have presented at inductions throughout the year.
  • We have commenced work on internal documents and forms that collect gender information to include non-binary options and options for those who identify as trans and gender diverse.
  • We produced our first network annual report outlining our achievements and how we’re tracking against our strategic plan.