Leading social change

RAP Social Change Social Value Images
RAP Social Change Social Value Images

Delivering safe and sustainable solutions that make a difference to our Members and the community.

  • Driver training for Indigenous youth and refugees 
  • Community programs to make travelling safer
  • A Reconciliation Action Plan 
  • Talent acquisition from diverse backgrounds
  • Reducing our environmental footprint

Social purpose has been a constant throughout our 100 year history. From contributing to Australia’s WWII effort, campaigning to reduce drink driving and supporting drought affected country areas, we’re always looking for opportunities to work with our Members to create safe and sustainable communities.

We’re proud to be one of the most trusted brands in the country, and we’ve worked hard to earn this. Speaking up on behalf of our Members on the issues that matter to them, creating long term value through our local investments and education programs, and always looking to help out communities in need – these things are a part of our DNA. 

Some recent benefits that the NRMA has delivered for our Members and the community include: 

  • Professional driver training for Indigenous youth and refugees to open up employment opportunities and social connections. In 2016-17, 22 Indigenous participants received around 100 professional lessons between them, equating to around 300 log book hours, and our DriveTime Program provided 450 hours of professional lessons to 84 refugee participants

  • Education and community programs to make travelling safer. In 2016-17, 92,941 teachers and students were engaged in our road safety education program, and nearly 2,000 Members participated in older driver programs in

  • Working with communities to deliver one of Australia’s largest electric vehicle fast charging network, which will give motorists choice in how they travel and unlock regional destinations to the future of motoring

  • A Reconciliation Action Plan to deliver agreements with Indigenous suppliers, Indigenous internships and apprenticeships, and and a range of community investment activities

  • Attracting and recruiting candidates from diverse backgrounds for the NRMA workforce. Of our 39 most recent car servicing apprentices, five are Indigenous and, in what is traditionally a very male dominated profession, seven are female, and we are keen to increase these numbers further

  • Finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint. With a range of measures in place, our business managed to lessen our carbon emissions by 167 tonnes in 2016-17, and that’s despite significant growth. And in that year, our battery recycling program saw 199,883 used battery units recycled, and most of that work done right here in NSW

And we’re not stopping there. In 2018, we reached 90,000 students and community members through our education programs, launch our second Reconciliation Action Plan and assist around 100 Indigenous Australians and newly arrived refugees to obtain their licence and transition into employment.

We’ll also continue to roll out our electric fast charger network and look for other ways to positively impact the environment and our communities.

As we move towards our centenary celebrations, working with Members to create social change will continue to be a priority, and we welcome all those interested to get involved.

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