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Living Well Navigator's first group of Owl Ratings are live. 

Do you want to know how residents feel about their retirement village and what is emotionally important to them? Now you can. Select 'Independent Living' from the menu below to see if any of these leading villages are in your chosen area. Our search tool can also help you find the right home support or residential care for you and your family.

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Home from home: A new take on aged care

Lisa Siberry is a Sydney-based writer who specialises in business and lifestyle digital content.

A unique aged care facility in the US is redefining long-term care for the elderly, with a greater focus on personalised, home-style living.

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Why does time fly as we get older?

Posted by Megan Blandford on 22 February 2016

Time flies by - and it seems to become faster the older you get. We look at the science behind this, and how we can try to make time stretch.

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A room of one's own

Posted by David Carter on 15 February 2016

When moving home, the things that are important - the things that you need - go with you. So it should be when moving into aged care: it's just that you can't take everything.

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How to age fearlessly

Posted by Megan Blandford on 8 February 2016

Will you choose to age fearlessly? Here's how to focus on your health so you can age on your own terms.

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Unexpected friendships - Red Cross brings generations together

Posted by PJ Robb on 10 February 2016

The Australian Red Cross has championed the Community Visitors Scheme for more than 20 years. Now, they are expanding the program. Read more

Water wellness

Posted by Ambra Sancin on 18 January 2016

Dehydration in older people can lead to a number of serious health problems as I found out with my aged mother. There are signs of dehydration to look out for in your loved ones but also ways to ensure they consume enough liquids, especially over the hot summer months.

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Yes, people have died of a broken heart

Posted by David Carter on 21 December 2015

Stories of couples who die within a short time of each other circulate often. But could they have died of a broken heart (as the romantics claim)? The short answer, according to experts, is yes.

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Seaside summer outings for those in care

Posted by David Carter on 21 December 2015

'Seven miles from Sydney, a thousand miles from care' was how they used to promote a day trip to Manly. It still is when looking for somewhere to give a loved one an excursion from their aged care home.

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How we help you… find the right residential care

Posted by Living Well Navigator on 17 December 2015

From positive ageing to planning for the future and caring for your loved ones, we've gathered the most useful information to give you the rundown on everything you need to know about finding the right kind of care. Read more

The Virtual Dementia Experience: Winning awards all round

Posted by Jude Watson on 3 December 2015

For someone with dementia, the world can be very different from the one we see, but innovative game technology is bringing a new era in dementia-friendly design and understanding. Read more

Home support: Your checklist

Posted by Living Well Navigator on 26 November 2015

Looking for care or support services to visit you at home? Our handy checklist on what to ask service providers can help you make the right choice. Read more

Retirement living: Your checklist

Posted by Living Well Navigator on 17 November 2015

Make choosing retirement living that bit easier with our essential checklist of important questions and Living Well Navigator's Owl Ratings - an innovative online guide based on what residents of individual villages say matters to them most. Read more

When medicines and foods don't mix

Posted by Ambra Sancin on 9 November 2015

Good nutrition always plays an important part in caring for an ageing loved one, but extra care should be taken with certain prescription medicines that may react adversely with some foods.

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