Safe travel reminder to protect all road users


As social distancing changes the way we get around, we call on all road users to remember to keep an eye out for each other.

Data from Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety shows that while the road toll to-date this year is low by historical standards (likely due to to less travel due to bushfires and COVID-19), cyclist and pedestrian deaths are significantly higher than in recent years.

To observe social distancing and minimise public transport use, more people are walking and cycling in our communities. The data shows that pedestrians and cyclists are especially vulnerable in the event of a collision. Modelling from Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety has graded the chances of pedestrian/cyclist death at various impact speeds as follows:

Speed at collision Chance of death 
 30km/h  approximately 5%
 40km/h  approximately 20%
 50km/h*  approximately 50%
 60km/h*  approximately 80%
 70km/h  approximately 100%

With this in mind, we are appealing to all road users to use roads safely by observing the speed limit, not driving tired or using mobile phones, and be courteous and safe to each other.

*Note most urban roads are 50km/h or 60km/h.