Motoring advice

Motoring Advice NRMA Member Benefits

Free motoring and
technical advice

Our experienced team of NRMA motoring specialists are on hand to help our Members with motoring issues, from buying or selling a car to appealing a traffic infringement or understanding the right fuel for your car.

Frequently asked questions

Is the advice only for NRMA Members?
Yes, all NRMA Members including NRMA Blue Members have access to our experienced Motoring Advice specialists. 

Is the advice free of charge?
Yes, the motoring specialists are on hand for Members for free.

When are the team available?
We are here to help 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, Members can email

What information can the team assist with?
Anything around motoring, mechanics and car safety, such as child restraints purchases and installation, safer driving as well as road rules, purchasing a new or used car, vehicle mechanical issues and problems, information on vehicle servicing, motor vehicle warranties and fuel queries.

Can the team help me with questions about road rules?
Yes, the team are up to date with all new and existing road rules.

Are the team able to provide legal advice?
Unfortunately not. In the past the NRMA offered complimentary motoring legal advice to Members, we no longer offer this service.

Not a Member?

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