Introducing Connected Car

Fleet Tracking & Telematics

Connected from the NRMA is a cloud-based telematics solution that instantly connects you with your business on the road.

With the click of a button, Connected will give you the ability to monitor your vehicles in real-time, helping you to manage fleet costs, monitor vehicle health as well as assess driver capability and performance.

Get connected

Monitor journeys
Record and review journeys 24/7 to ensure your vehicles are being used effectively and efficiently.
Drive down costs
Pinpoint inefficient routes, excess idle time and problem driving habits to keep on top of fuel costs and service issues.
Safer drivers
Driver score reports help you monitor on-road behaviour, allowing you to encourage safer and more efficient driving.
NRMA Insurance
Manage accidents
Get immediate notification if one of your vehicles has been involved in a collision enabling you to take action, fast.

Get connected, get results

Better business planning

By monitoring individual vehicle performance, you can make more informed choices to reduce your overheads and identify when one of your fleet needs repair or replacement. You can even set up geo-fencing to get alerts when vehicles are in key locations.

Avoid breakdowns

You’ll be able to identify mechanical issues before they cause any downtime and with the help of our support team schedule in repairs.

Track vehicles and drivers

You’ll receive GPS information and alerts so you’ll always know where your vehicles are. And with ETA’s and live traffic changes, you can select better routes for common journeys.

Your portal

Gain access to your own online portal with a customisable dashboard. That way, you can focus on what’s important for your business.

NRMA connected car


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