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NRMA driver training is actively involved in keys2drive, Australia's largest national driver safety program for beginner drivers.

Funded by the Australian Government, keys2drive is a youth road safety program which provides learner drivers and their parent/supervisor with a free 60 minute session with an accredited driving instructor.

NRMA driver training has accredited keys2drive instructors who can deliver this free session.

NRMA keys2drive

What makes a keys2drive session different from a traditional driving lesson?

Firstly, the keys2drive session has both the parent/supervisor and the learner with an accredited keys2drive instructor so they can learn together.

Secondly, keys2drive seeks to develop young drivers who can actively reflect on what they are doing behind the wheel and why. During the keys2drive session supervisors are taught how to use a coaching model to develop these skills in their young drivers.

A keys2drive session can be booked at any time during the learning journey however it is most effective within the early stages so there is plenty of time to incorporate what has been learned into the driving instruction process.

An interactive key2drive website supports the session and is a valuable ongoing learning tool for the learner and supervisor.

How to book your free keys2drive session with NRMA:

1. Register with keys2drive. You must have your Ls as you will need to provide your licence number.

2. You will be given a unique free session ID which you will need to quote when you book your session.

3. Call NRMA driver training on 1300 696 762 to book your session with an accredited keys2drive instructor.

Book your session with a keys2drive instructor

Refer to keys2drive terms and conditions