What is the NRMA doing?

NRMA Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Network

The future is electric

Australians will always have access to large, fast and safe vehicles – but they will increasingly be powered differently. Global car manufacturers are phasing out manufacturing of petrol and diesel cars over the next five to 10 years. In a nation like Australia, where we no longer have a car manufacturing industry, we are reliant on importing cars and will need to adapt.

With an electric future looming, the NRMA is committed to making the transition not only pain free, but beneficial for our Members. It’s also the smart thing to do as the cost of transport, fuel, congestion and environmental impacts rise.

We are doing this through our ground-breaking policy and research activities which call on governments, industry, our Members and the community to adopt a proactive approach to electric vehicles and through our leading investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. We are also preparing our motoring businesses with technical training and adapting our own fleet as vehicles need replacing.

We firmly believe that electric vehicles will be an option for all Australians – not just those living in urban environments. In fact, electric vehicles will likely be of greater benefit to those in the regions where larger travel distances are the norm.

If we take a proactive approach, we can capture many of the benefits of electric power, including lower transport costs, greater vehicle choice, less reliance on imported liquid fuels, fewer vehicle emissions and industry development opportunities.

We're building one of Australia's largest electric vehicle charging networks

So you can keep moving, long into the future