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We're saying goodbye to Club Care and hello to NRMA Blue

Everything we do is to benefit you, the Members. So when many asked for more value in Membership, we looked at how we could use our strong brand to deliver just that, and the result is NRMA Blue – a collection of exclusive offers and discounts on an exciting range of products and services to help you every day.

While Club Care has long offered Member benefits, NRMA Blue takes it to a whole new level. We’ve worked hard to secure more great savings and new experiences from a number of quality partners on things like fuel, car insurance, transport, travel and accommodation, entertainment, experiences, and more. And all of these are housed on the all-new and Member exclusive my nrma app, along with new content to help you make the most of every journey.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, all our Members have automatic access to NRMA Blue, including those currently with Club Care. When Club Care Members are due for renewal, they will be encouraged to continue their Membership with NRMA Blue as Club Care will no longer be offered.

NRMA Blue costs $5 per month or $60 for 12 months.

If you're already a Member, you'll receive access to NRMA Blue benefits right away with no added cost. This goes for Club Care Members too, however when it comes time for you to renew, Club Care will no longer be available and you'll need to either switch to NRMA Blue only or take up a roadside assistance package.

For starters, the NRMA group of businesses has grown, and this will benefit Members with enhanced offers. We've also added a range of handy new tools and guides to the my nrma app, which is now exclusively for Members. And all this is only the beginning, as we continue to work hard to introduce new partners, new offers, new benefits and loads more value to your NRMA Membership.

There is no change to your tenure recognition. With NRMA Blue, you'll continue to be an important and valued Member of the NRMA, and your ongoing tenure will be recognised whilst you enjoy a range of new benefits.

As a Club Care Member, you won’t be required to pay another joining fee. And if you do take up one of our roadside assistance packages, you'll have full access to the benefits of NRMA Blue at no extra cost.