ACT takes the lead on zero emissions future

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The NRMA has today welcomed the ACT Government’s comprehensive action plan and commitment to a zero emissions government fleet to steer the territory towards a cleaner future underpinned by electric vehicles.

The ACT Government will rapidly transition its entire car fleet to environmentally friendly vehicles by committing to 100 per cent new zero emissions vehicles from 2020–2021. This initiative alone places the ACT Government at the forefront of leading the change to reduce transport emissions.

In addition to the fleet transition, existing registration and stamp duty savings for consumers will be complemented by the Government’s plan to further encourage the uptake of non-fossil fuel vehicles.

The action plan will:

  • Provide practical incentives to people to buy electric vehicles;
  • Amend laws to require new multi-unit and mixed-use developments to install charging infrastructure;
  • Facilitate the installation of charging infrastructure on major routes, including Sydney to Canberra; and
  • Support businesses in the zero emission sector in the ACT to drive growth and development.

The NRMA has been a leading voice for the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia and continues to prosecute the case for governments to prepare the nation for the inevitability of electric vehicles. In 2017, the organisation released The Future is Electric with the Electric Vehicle Council to outline the benefits of electric vehicles and propose policies and recommendations for governments.

The NRMA also committed $10 million to building Australia’s largest fast-charging network to support the electrification of the transport sector in NSW and the ACT.

Last month, the NRMA launched Recharging the Economy with the Electric Vehicle Council and the St. Baker Energy Innovation Fund to highlight the economic opportunities of a move to electric vehicles. The report found that growth in electric vehicles could contribute around $3 billion to Australia’s GDP in real terms and create more than 13,000 jobs by 2030 if Australia took a leadership position.

NRMA local Director Kate Lundy said the ACT Government had today launched the most comprehensive action plan by any government in Australia to date.

“The ACT Government should be commended for taking a leadership role in supporting Australia’s transition from fossil fuels and providing practical and attractive incentives to encourage the uptake of these vehicles,” Ms Lundy said.

“There is a global transition towards this technology and Australia is not immune. However, until now governments have failed to grasp the significance of these changes and properly prepare Australia so that we can reap the economic, environmental and societal benefits of an electric vehicle future.

“What the ACT Government has announced today should be the standard for all levels of Government across Australia.”