A concept for above-city travel wins the NRMA Future of Transport Challenge 2019

NRMA Future of Transport Challenge

The NRMA Future of Transport Challenge 2020 for years 7-10 in 2020 is now open.

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The Challenge is offered free of charge to schools and is mapped to the curriculum.

About the 2019 winning team

Students from Year 8 at James Ruse Agricultural High School won the NRMA Future of Transport Challenge 2019 with the EDL (Electric Driverless Loop), a bold future transport vision to move the local residents of Parramatta around the key destinations in their area rapidly without needing to fight through the traffic below and disturb the existing roads and infrastructure below.

The winning team excited the judges Nell Payne, Executive General Manager Motoring and Stephanie Salter, Director of the Digital Transport Accelerator at Transport for NSW with the quality of their idea and how it could be adapted to support Sydney’s future master plan which envisages a three “30 minute cities” to house Sydney's growing population.

The other finalists were:

Davidson High School (Yr 9)—EST (Elevator Space Transportation) - a cost effective and low pollution was to deliver materials to space without costly and polluting rockets.

Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt (Yr 10)—The Overbus - a large electrified ‘bus’ on rails travelling over cars on freeways moving people quickly between major transport hubs without being stuck in traffic.

Willoughby Girls High School (Yr 10)—WPT (Wheelchair Pod-car Transformer) - a driverless transforming wheel chair/pod car able to deliver independence and mobility to the elderly and the disabled.

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