Here to keep you moving

PLH NRMA Patrol Nik Panas delivering medicines to the vulnerable, elderly and isolated in partnership with The Pharmacy Guild of Australia NSW Branch header

NRMA has always been there to help. On every journey and through global crises like the Spanish Flu, World War 11 and the Great Depression – our 100 year chronology is filled with occasions where we got to do what we do best – help.

The crisis faced by Australia and the world with the advent of COVID-19 is far from over however with the help of all Australians we have successfully managed to curb infections and life is gradually returning to normal. During the peak of the crisis our people and our businesses stepped up, volunteering their time and expertise to help the vulnerable and those in need, and demonstrating their commitment to our values and ethos.

We've provided:

  • 2,475 priority roadside assistance for emergency workers
  • 13,702 free days of car hire for health care workers
  • 8,803 nights of discounted accommodation for essential travellers
  • 477 meals delivered across Sydney, Newcastle and Tamworth   
  • 335 pharmacy deliveries across Sydney

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