Our EV driving school is coming

NRMA Learner Driving School

Our electric vehicle
driving school is coming

The future of cars is electric

Just as the NRMA was there to help Australia navigate the rise of the automobile nearly 100 years ago, we're helping future generations navigate this era of electric vehicles by setting up one of Australia's first EV driving schools.

Our expert driver trainers will be there to help learner drivers, your employees and even experienced drivers:

  • Drive an EV for the first time,
  • Brush up on your EV skills,
  • Discover the differences between an EV and a petrol vehicle, and
  • Drive safely and confidently for life.

All our driver trainers are handpicked, not only for their qualifications, experience and skills, but also for their dedication to safety.

Our EV driving school is set to launch in the Sydney metropolitan area in the very near future. To register your interest and be one of the first to experience our new EV driver training programs please complete and submit the form below.

Learning to drive?

You could take 20 hours off your learner log book
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