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For 100 years, our pioneering spirit has helped shape the future of Australia. We've relentlessly lobbied and influenced to make meaningful change happen. We don't do it because it's easy or to big ourselves up. We do it because it's the right thing to do and it keeps us all one step ahead.

From the first road safety initiatives in 1920, to championing women as mechanics, setting the agenda on mandatory seat belts in cars and drink driving laws, to launching electric shuttles. We never stop leading and we never stop moving forward.

When it comes to sustainability, we're making fundamental changes like building Australia's largest EV charging network, so we can make a real difference for Australians. The climate change debate is no longer a debate, and we're committed to inspiring everyone to live a more sustainable life, for today, and for generations to come.

We're on a massive transport and tourism journey and thanks to our passionate teams at SIXT, NRMA Parks and Resorts, NRMA Motoring and Mobility, My Fast Ferry and Fantasea, we're already well on our way to becoming the leading domestic transport and tourism business in Australia.

Why you

We can't guarantee life with us will stay the same. It almost certainly won't. But what we can say is investing your time with us will move you forward, and it might even change the world.

Forget what you thought you knew about the NRMA. Forget what you think your limitations are. Get ready to ask 'what if?' and 'where to next?'

This is not just a job. This is your chance to do more than you thought possible.

Let's lead Australia into the next 100 years.

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