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Nominate your local hero

People moving people is a common purpose that we share with Aussies everywhere. It's why we are asking you to help us recognise these every day heroes by nominating role models in your community whose work or activities enrich the lives of others.

Whether this individual or group is nurturing a sense of belonging and inclusion, helping on times of community crisis, building community resilience, improving access to community services and groups or protecting the local environment, one seemingly small act can make a big impact, which is why we want to discover and celebrate those who make a positive difference to their local community and environment.


Who in your local community deserves to be recognised?

#PeopleMovingPeople - Read legendary stories of people helping people every day:



Yes, you can submit as many nominations as you like.
Yes, please ensure the under 18s parent/ guardian has given consent.
Yes, you can nominate yourself.
No, you or your local hero could be someone who's making a difference to an individual every day.

There sure is. Here are some things to think about when creating your entry:

1. Nominee name

2. Why are you nominating yourself or this person and how are you/ they making a positive difference to an individual, group or the community?

3. Share a memorable moment from this act of help, if you have a specific memory of one

4. Submit a photo or video if you have one