NRMA welcomes ACT Govt changes to Graduated Licensing Scheme

17 October 2018
NRMA driver training

The NRMA has today welcomed the ACT Government’s proposed changes to the Graduated Licensing Scheme as crucial measures to help save young lives.

In June, the NRMA provided its submission to the ACT Government outlining a raft of measures for consideration. Similar reforms have delivered improvements to young driver safety in NSW over the last 11 years.

The reforms outlined include:

  • Introducing a logbook scheme requiring learners to record a minimum 100 hours of supervised driving, including 10 hours at night
  • Designing a three-for-one logbook credit system that deducts three hours for every hour with an accredited driving instructor (maximum 30 hours)
  • A 20-hour credit for successfully completing an education program
  • A ban on mobile phone use on texting and talking for L and P drivers
  • A one peer passenger ban from 11pm to 5am.

NRMA Road Safety Expert Dimitra Vlahomitros said the NRMA welcomed the recommendations in the report and urged the ACT Government to introduce the measures quickly.

“Reforms to the Graduated Licensing Scheme in NSW introduced in 2007 brought about a downward trend in fatalities and injuries among young drivers – a demographic that is both inexperienced and at-risk,” Ms Vlahomitros said.

“The NRMA has been a strong advocate for road safety for almost 100 years, and young driver safety is no exception.

“We are pleased these recommendations have found their way into this report, we commend the ACT Government on the process it has taken to improve the territory’s Graduated Licensing Scheme and we look forward to seeing these reforms introduced.”

Ms Vlahomitros said today’s announcement by the ACT Government included a carrot approach for drivers who did the right thing.

“The proposal to provide a 30 per cent discount on the cost of a licence to P2 drivers with a demerit-free P1 record provides just the type of incentive we know resonates with young drivers – more money in their back pockets.”

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