How to find the cheapest fuel prices Sydney

How to find the cheapest fuel Sydney
How to find the cheapest fuel in Sydney
Petrol prices in Sydney are notorious for fluctuation. It doesn’t help when petrol stations change their prices so much that a fuel station just down the road can offer much cheaper fuel.

Where is the cheapest fuel in Sydney?

Gone are the days of driving around in circles in search of the lowest price for fuel. Finding and comparing the cheapest fuel prices Sydney is now made easy with the Fuel Finder on the my nrma app.

Easily compare the cheapest petrol prices near you for unleaded and diesel fuels on your Apple or Android smartphone.

If travelling in Victoria, check the RACV website for the cheapest real time fuel prices.

NRMA Members save up to 5 cents per litre on Premium fuels and 3 cents per litre on regular fuels at participating Ampol service stations.

How do I access Member savings on the my nrma app?


  1. Open up the my nrma app.
  2. Click on ‘Search nearby’ to bring up the map and click on the Fuel icon.
  3. Sort by ‘Distance’ or ‘Price’ and filter by fuel type. You can also search for a location.
  4. Scroll through the list of petrol stations to view today’s fuel prices.
  5. Participating Ampol service stations will show on the map as a red 'Benefit' pin and will also list Member prices with relevant savings. To receive your Member benefit, simply show the fuel discount QR code to the cashier at the store (this is found by clicking on ‘Membership cards’ on the homepage of the app).


Fuel Finder my nrma app


Regularly checking Sydney fuel prices on the my nrma app can help save money on your annual fuel bill. Keep a lookout for special Member savings for even larger discounts. Also, don’t forget to turn on push notifications to be alerted of these exclusive offers.


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Compare by fuel type

Each car and vehicle requires a specific type of fuel to run. Some vehicles can use several types of fuel which can affect the price you pay and the vehicle’s efficiency, particularly on long road trips. Easily compare different fuel types and prices using the my nrma app. The main fuel types that you can find at participating Ampol service stations include:

  • Unleaded (ULP)
  • Ethanol (E10)
  • Diesel
  • Vortex Premium 98
  • Vortex Premium 95
  • Vortex Premium Diesel
  • Amplify Premium Unleaded
  • Amplify Premium Diesel
  • LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

Top Ampol petrol stations in Sydney

There are more than 1,900 participating Ampol service stations to choose from across Sydney and regional NSW where Members can receive their fuel discounts.

Sydney fuel stations 
  • Ampol Foodary Concord
  • Ampol Woolworths Coogee South
  • Ampol Epping
  • Ampol Kensington
  • Ampol Woolworths Metro Kingsford
  • Ampol Woolworths Metro Lane Cove West
  • Ampol Foodary Manly
  • Ampol Woolworths Metro Alexandria
  • Ampol Woolworths MetroGo Chatswood
  • Ampol Woolworths MetroGo Neutral Bay
NSW regional fuel stations
  • Ampol Woolworths Toronto
  • Ampol Wollongong North
  • Ampol Foodary Coffs Harbour South
  • Albion Foodary Bomaderry
  • Ampol Foodary East Maitland
  • Ampol Foodary Gumly Gumly
  • Ampol Foodary Moree
  • Ampol Foodary Port Macquarie
  • Ampol Foodary Wagga Wagga
  • Ampol Foodary Wyong

How much can I save on petrol?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures (Survey of Motor Vehicle Use, Australia ending 30 June 2020), the average fuel consumption per passenger vehicle was 11.1 litres per 100km.

Covering a distance of 20,000km a year at this consumption rate would require approximately 1,802 litres of fuel. At a cost of 155 cents per litre, a motorist could end up paying $2,793.10 per year in fuel costs. Members who make the most of their 5 cents per litre savings could save approximately $90 per year.

Save more with electric vehicles

Motorists driving the same distance in an electric vehicle (EV) would require just 33 cents per litre when charged via the electricity grid, with an annual cost of approximately $595. Compared to a standard passenger car, an electric vehicle would save you $2,198 a year in fuel costs.


Discover the NRMA EV Fast Charging Network

NRMA electric vehicle
fast charger network

Top tips to save fuel

Besides using the my nrma app to find the cheapest fuel prices in your area, you can also save by refuelling when prices are low, rather than when your tank is empty. You should also pay attention to the Sydney fuel price cycles.

For more great fuel savings tips, read: Top 10 tips to save fuel.

What is the Sydney petrol price cycle?

A petrol price cycle is where the retail prices move from a low point (trough) up to a high point (peak) and back down to a subsequent low point. During these cycles, motorists can see petrol prices decrease before suddenly rising sharply. Like other Australian capital cities, Sydney’s pricing cycle has been increasing over the last few years. In 2020 the cycle ranged from a low of 19 days to a high of 53 days.

Stay up to date with the current Sydney price cycle by following the NRMA Weekly Fuel Reports.

Best Sydney road trips

New South Wales is home to so many beautiful locations. From the lush wineries in the Hunter Valley, Mudgee and Orange to the heritage and food trails of the Southern Highlands and not forgetting the spectacular national parks or secluded beaches. Explore some of these top NSW destinations for a leisurely weekend away or spontaneous road trip and fill up at a participating Ampol service station.

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