Roadside Assistance FAQs

Roadside Assistance from NRMA means you're covered for things like flat batteries, flat tyres, keys locked in cars and towing. With over 100 years motoring experience, the NRMA will be there when you need it most.

To request roadside assistance during this time, please call 13 11 11.

If you don't have roadside assistance with NRMA, we can still help. Call us on 13 11 22 - we'll get you moving as soon as possible.

Phone 13 11 22 and the operator will ask you information including:

  • Your NRMA Membership number and/or registration number
  • Your exact location:
    • What street/road are you on?
    • What is the nearest cross street/road?
    • What is the number of the house/building?
    • Are there any landmarks? (e.g. signage)
    • What direction you were travelling?
    • The make, model and colour of your vehicle.
    • Your contact phone number (e.g. mobile or house/office).
    • The nature of your problem (e.g. mechanical, flat tyre, flat battery, etc).
    • Whether you are in a remote area or concerned for your safety.

    If you're unable to call 13 11 22 and speak directly to an operator, you can make contact:

NRMA roadside assistance is available 48 hours after you join. So if you require immediate roadside assistance, upon joining or later the same day, an On Road Join & Go fee will apply.

To receive roadside assistance the vehicle has to be attached to a Membership, however Free2go Members (for drivers aged 16-20) can request help for any car they are in.

Yes - NRMA Membership entitles you to national roadside assistance coverage, utilising reciprocal arrangements that NRMA has with all other State and Territory motoring clubs in Australia.

Reciprocal benefits entitle you to the basic roadside assistance cover offered by the State or Territory motoring club, depending on which State or Territory in which you breakdown.

Although many motorists have both NRMA roadside assistance and NRMA car insurance, they are separate services provided by separate companies.

NRMA Insurance is issued by Insurance Australia Limited ABN 11 000 016 722 AFSL 227681 (IAL), trading as NRMA Insurance, which is a separate and independent company from National Roads and Motorists’ Association Limited ABN 77 000 010 506 (NRMA), an authorised representative of IAL.

If the nominated vehicle towing the caravan is covered by our Premium Care or Traveller Care package and the caravan or trailer is not over 2 tonnes, it will be covered for Roadside Assistance.

With Premium Care or Traveller Care your caravan or trailer is also covered for free towing up to 50km in metropolitan areas, up to 100km in remote areas and in country areas, back to the town of the attending NRMA Country Service Centre or 50km free towing in any direction.

NRMA roadside assistance covers you Australia wide with unlimited callouts for flat batteries, flat tyres, emergency fuel, keys locked in car, and other mechanical issues that can happen on the road (or garage). Premium Care and Premium Plus cover also gives access to $3000 of entitlements (including accommodation, car rental, flights and vehicle transport) if your vehicle cannot be fixed within 24 hours and you're more than 100 km from home.

Yes you can call us on 13 11 22 and we'll help you get moving again, there is a On Road Join & Go fee however to allow for immediate access of roadside assistance services.

When you need help, NRMA will be there within the hour - based on operational statistics of activation time to arrival from January 2019 to January 2020. Times may vary when in some remote locations.

Depending on your level of cover and where you've broken down you get up to 150 km (100 km remote + 50 km) to a location of your choice. Learn more about towing entitlements here.

No NRMA roadside assistance is not free, however for $9.99 a month you can have peace of mind with 1000 patrols and over 100 years of motoring experience ready to help when you it most.

With the largest network of patrols, NRMA roadside assistance starts at $9.99 a month for unlimited callouts. Higher levels of cover such as Premium Care ($18.99 a month) and Premium Plus ($29.99 a month) are perfect for heavy vehicles and those that travel with caravans or trailers.

If you're unable to call 13 11 11 and speak directly to an operator, you can make contact one of the following ways:

Membership terms and conditions

Yes - NRMA Patrols are qualified to carry out repairs to the low-pressure side of LPG systems and equipment, including electrical wiring and connections associated with the system.

Patrols cannot supply LPG to vehicles that run out of fuel. These vehicles will need to be towed. Taxis will be required to pay for the tow at a commercial rate at the time of service. Towing entitlements for other Members are subject to their Membership package terms and conditions.

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